Travel Capsule Recap

SO, recap on my travel capsule! I hit the ground running when I got back home since I went to work the day I got back (Friday) AND worked the weekend, as well as a double shift on Monday. BUT, here we are! Yay! Anyway... I brought a total of 13 outfits, 8 were dressy and 5 were casual. After arriving and living in the same few outfits for two weeks, I can honestly say I LOVE the clothes I brought, which is a huge accomplishment since I tend to get tired of the same pieces. I did a load of laundry mid-way through the weeks, which totally saved me (and everyone in smell-shot... like ear-shot but for smell). Something that I did not plan on was how cold the weather would be. My weather app forecasted sunny, Texas-like days but that did not happen at all! Sooooo, I had to get creative and think up some alternate combos. 


I layered this tan sweater over my gingham dress, olive tee shirt, and I wore it by itself. It was definitely a life-saver since we had lots of rain and almost everyday was 50 - 60 degrees.


Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to wear my patterned shorts or sandals. But! I did discover how comfortable my mules and midi heels really are. I wore them the whole time with zero foot pain to follow! 


While in Kansas City I purchased this super cute overall skirt from H&M! Not sure what its actual name is, but that's what I'm going with. It really elevates the whole overall scene since it's a skirt instead of shorts, which is so neat! Since denim is so popular this summer, I'm excited to have this new piece to bring a cute spin on something classic like overalls! 

That's a wrap for this recap. Send some questions and comments my way, I'd love to hear some feedback on the whole capsule idea!

Till next time, peace.