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Sarah Howell is a Texas-native creative, brewing with passion for fashion, fitness, and her faith. She spends her days working as a Personal Stylist and Associate at Anthropologie, leading worship and traveling with her family across the U.S., and blogging with a focus on style and health. Keeping it real and connecting with people are top priorities of her's, both in person and on the web. Whether she's styling a client or giving workout tips, she always aims to help people be the best version of themselves. Here you find her take on the latest trends, inspiring conversation about fitness, introspection on her faith-filled lifestyle, and even a glimpse at her music (just enough to make you want to hear it all, of course.) Take your time--peruse through her odyssey of fresh fashion looks and indelible fitness advice and grant yourself the opportunity to take a vivaciously witty and homogeneously bona fide commute through her everyday's. 



Email: thesarahhowell@gmail.com

Instagram: @thesarahhowell